Trios Digital Impression Scanning

There are many occasions where it is good to embrace the Old Ways. Making a wood table or sourdough bread are examples. Dentistry is not. If you have had a crown or night-guard made you are familiar with a technique that involves a lot of goop and mess. That goop is an impression material that makes a pretty good replica of your teeth, which is mailed to a lab and poured in stone and eventually a crown is made that hopefully fits you well.

Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

Thankfully, we now have digital impression techniques! This is my absolute favorite new thing in dentistry. Ok, it’s been developing for years but they’ve really got it dialed in now. We can now take a video of your tooth, which converts into a digital file that is sent instantly to our lab. With your crown or night-guard what you see is what you get, since it is digital it cannot distort! All those steps in the Old Way, steps where errors can happen, are gone! What does this mean to you? A crown in much less time, that fits beautifully with less adjustment, and with no goopy messes. The occasional need for remakes is reduced as well. We can’t say enough good things about this amazing technology!!!